New World Development Company Limited
Sustainability at New World Group
Policy and Governance
Sustainability Policy and various guidelines have been developed since 2012 by New World Group, reaffirming our commitment to incorporating sustainability into our business operations.
New World Group implements a number of robust sustainability policies and guidelines to ensure sustainability is embodied in our products and services, safeguarding the rights and interests of stakeholders.
Group Sustainability Policy
Supplier Code of Conduct
Human Rights Policy
Whistleblowing Policy
Anti-Fraud Poilcy
Green Office Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Risk Management Policy
Management Approach and Structure
With strong management support and seamless coordination among all business units, New World Group offers our stakeholders green, wellness, smart and caring-oriented products and services in response to their aspiration for a holistic lifestyle.
The Group understands socio-economic megatrends and collects feedback from all stakeholders in bringing a brand-new 'Artisanal Living' experience to every individual.
Our Group's sustainability management framework ensures effective vertical and horizontal communication. The Group Sustainability Steering Committee, the NWD Sustainability Department and the Group Green Taskforce work jointly to incorporate sustainability decisions into our daily business operations, in order to fulfil our sustainability commitment as a socially and environmentally responsible company.
Group Sustainability Steering Committee
is composed of members of the senior management from NWD and other business units and led by our Executive Vice-chairman and General Manager. The Committee governs the entire Group and sets strategic direction for its sustainability initiatives, which aligns with 'New World Sustainability Vision 2030' and business priorities to be implemented by all business units.
NWD Sustainability Department
drives Group-wide sustainability initiatives across the Group's businesses and functions according to the strategic direction set by the Group Sustainability Steering Committee. The Department initiates and coordinates sustainability initiatives related to NWD's business operations.
Group Green Taskforce
comprises middle management from New World Development, New World China Land, New World Department Store, NWS Holdings, NWTMT, etc. and serves as a knowledge-exchange community which supports the sustainability initiatives.