Staff Training and Development

New World Group believes that the success of corporate development hinges on the quality of its staff. Our training and talent development mirrors the objective of our corporate development – to build a better society through innovation and sustainable growth. The Group strives to create an ideal working environment for our staff and attract, nurture and retain talent through competitive employment packages and incentive policies.

A Learning Culture Driven by Corporate Strategy

Staff members are encouraged to pursue lifelong learning to enhance the Group’s sustainable development. To this end, we provide staff with various opportunities to learn:

Strategic Learning Management System

The Group has developed a strategic learning management system which merges Key Performance Indicator (KPI), training needs analysis, staff annual appraisal and IT training record. The system allows the Group to provide staff members with tailor-made training that supports corporate growth, thereby tying in staff members, their supervisors, departments and business units with the Group.

Workshops and Seminars

To support personal and professional development of our staff, the Group holds in-house training courses under five categories, namely (1) Managing Yourself; (2) Managing Others; (3) Business Management; (4) Professional Knowledge; and (5) Managing Your Life, on a regular basis. Also, regular sharing sessions by various senior executives and representatives from other corporations and professionals such as accountants, lawyers and government officials are held to bring a wide spectrum of knowledge and success stories to participants.

Exchanges and Visits

Learning at New World goes beyond the classroom. We organise visits to various business units within New World Group such as K11 Art Mall, Youth Square, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, water plant in Macau and bus assembly plant in Zhuhai. Not only do staff members gain a better understanding of the Group’s business operations, their sense of pride and belonging and team spirit are also enhanced. Also, best-practice exchange activities such as company visits, seminars, workshops and conferences are held on a regular basis, allowing colleagues to learn from and exchange ideas with industry elites.

Extra-curricular Activities

To facilitate peer learning, various interest clubs under the New World University have been established by staff. For instance, the Putonghua Club, which was established in 2011, hosts weekly gatherings where participants improve their Putonghua by practising the language. Similar to members of the STAR Club and the AMT Alumni Club, organisers and members of the interest clubs have the opportunity to meet colleagues from other departments and to demonstrate their leadership and competence to senior management. Outstanding staff members may be re-deployed or promoted to other positions where appropriate.

New World Group also cares about the health and well-being of our staff. To this end, New World Sports Club was established to encourage and sponsor staff members to participate in a vast array of recreational activities such as rock climbing, volleyball, basketball, hiking, calligraphy, cooking and coffee and wine tasting to promote sportsmanship and teamwork among staff.

Knowledge Database and Self-learning Resources

Through building a knowledge management platform, which includes a library with a vast array of books and journals, we promote lifelong learning among staff. Our Intranet also features the video recording and class materials of most learning events, allowing colleagues to access them anytime, anywhere.

Education Allowance and Examination Leave

NWD supports talent development by providing staff with education allowance, allowing them to engage in lifelong learning which also supports the Group’s business development. Every employee enjoys paid leave of upto three days a year for taking professional examinations.