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SE Supporter Award Scheme 2015

SE Supporter + Award
Fullness Social Enterprises Society
Market Leadership Award 2015

Market Leadership Award in Real Estate
Hong Kong Institute of Marketing


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HR Innovation Awards

Excellence in Training, Learning & Development Programmes - Gold Award
Excellence in HR Strategic Plan - Gold Award
Excellence in Employee Development - Gold Award
Excellence in Compensation & Benefits Strategy - Silver Award
Excellence in Employee Engagement - Silver Award
Excellence in Talent Management - Silver Award
Excellence in Employer Branding - Bronze Award
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Best Practice Awards 2015

Best Practice in Learning Organisation Development
Best Practice in Performance Improvement/Management
Best Practice Management Group View
Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprises Parade 2015 Award
Economic Digest
Constituent Stock of Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index in 2015
Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited


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Deal of the Year Awards

Merger & Acquisition of the Year Award 2015 (Regional record hotel investment deal with Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA))
Hotel Investment Conference Asia Pacific View
2015 Galaxy Awards
FY2014 annual report

Design: Covers - Annual Reports: Artistic/Illustrations - Silver Award
Annual Reports - Print: Property Development - Bronze Award
Websites: Other/Misc. - Bronze Award
Annual Reports - Print: Building/Construction - Honors Award
MerComm, Inc


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29th International ARC Awards
FY2014 annual report

Cover Photo / Design - Licensing and Brand Management - Bronze Award
Cover Photo / Design - Property Development: Residential - Bronze Award
Interior Design - Property Development: Residential - Honors Award
Interior Design - Resource Management - Honors Award
MerComm, Inc


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LACP 2104 Vision Awards
FY2014 annual report

T2014 Top 40 Chinese Annual Reports
Best Report Financials in Asia-Pacific Region - Silver Award
Real Estate/REIT - Bronze Award
Conglomerates, Holding Co., Div. Invest. - Platinum Award
Top 100 Worldwide Annual Reports - Ranked 21
Top 50 Asia-Pacific Region Annual Reports - Ranked 8
League of American Communications Professionals LLC (LACP)


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Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards 2015
New World Springboard sustainable community programme

Social Empowerment category - Honors Award
Enterprise Asia View


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1st Investor Relations Awards

Best IR Company (Large Cap)
Hong Kong Investor Relations Association


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2015 Astrid Awards

Annual Reports – Covers (Artistic) - Gold Award (FY2014 annual report)
Website (Infosite) - Gold Award (Investor Relations website)
Posters: New World International Triathlon 2014 - Silver Award
Annual Reports – Covers (Special Treatment) - Silver Award (FY2014 annual report)
Covers - Annual Report (Public Disclosure) - Silver Award (FY2014 annual report)
Annual Reports – Corporate – Traditional (Asia/Pacific) - Bronze Award (FY2014 annual report)
Annual Reports – Corporate – Traditional (Special Printing Techniques) - Honors Award (FY2014 annual report)
MerComm, Inc.
5th Asian Excellence Recognition Awards

Best Investor Relations Company
Asia’s Best CEO (Investor Relations) (Mr Adrian Cheng, Executive Vice-chairman and Joint General Manager)
Asia’s Best CFO (Investor Relations) (Mr Au Tak Cheong, Executive Director)
Best Investor Relations Professional (Mr Aldous Chiu, General Manager - Investor Relations)
Corporate Governance Asia
International Mercury Awards
New World Harbour Race 2014

Grand Award
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10 Consecutive Years Caring Company Logo
The Hong Kong Council of Social Service View
Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2015
HR Asia View
Hong Kong “M” Mark Sports Events Awards
New World Harbour Race

Outstanding Progress Award
10th Anniversary of “M” Mark Title Sponsor Appreciation Award
The Major Sports Events Committee View


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28th International Mercury Awards

Annual Reports - Cover Design - Special Treatments - Gold Award
Special Events - New World Harbour Race 2014 - Gold Award
Annual Reports - Overall Presentation: Multi-Industry - Silver Award
Advertising - Poster - New World International Triathlon 2014 - Silver Award
Annual Reports - Interior Design: Traditional Format - Bronze Award
Corporate/Commercial - Community Relations - New World Springboard - Bronze Award
Annual Reports - Overall Presentation: Holdings Company - Honors Award
MerComm, Inc.