Ms. Cheng Chi-Man, Sonia

Appointed as an Executive Director in March 2012. Ms. Cheng is a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the Company. She currently oversees the hotel division and the project management division of the Group. She is an executive director of New World China Land Limited and a director of certain subsidiaries of the Group. Ms. Cheng is a non-executive director of Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Limited, a listed public company in Hong Kong. Before joining the Group in 2008, Ms. Cheng worked in a major international investment bank and a global US private equity firm specialising in real estate investments. Ms. Cheng holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a concentration in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University in the U.S.A. Ms. Cheng is the chief executive officer of Rosewood Hotel Group, chairman of the advisory committee of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and member of the advisory committee of the School of Hotel & Tourism Management Industry at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She is a member of the Y. Elites Association, the Young Presidents’ Organization and the Hong Kong United Youth Association, and a non-official member of the Family Council and the Advisory Committee on Gifted Education. Ms. Cheng is the daughter of Dr. Cheng Kar-Shun, Henry, the sister of Dr. Cheng Chi-Kong, Adrian, the niece of Mr. Doo Wai-Hoi, William and Mr. Cheng Kar-Shing, Peter, and the cousin of Mr. Cheng Chi-Heng.