Mr. Cha Mou-Sing, Payson JP

Appointed as a Director in April 1989. Mr. Cha is a member of the Audit Committee, the Remuneration Committee and the Sustainability Committee of the Board of Directors of the Company. Mr. Cha is also the chairman of HKR International Limited and the non-executive chairman of Hanison Construction Holdings Limited, both of them are listed public companies in Hong Kong. Mr. Cha was appointed as an independent non-executive director of Munsun Capital Group Limited (formerly known as China Precious Metal Resources Holdings Co., Ltd.), a listed public company in Hong Kong, on 3 October 2016 and subsequently resigned as its independent non-executive director on 23 December 2016. He is also an independent non-executive director of Eagle Asset Management (CP) Limited – Manager of Champion Real Estate Investment Trust which is listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, the chairman of Mingly Corporation and an independent non-executive director of Hong Kong International Theme Parks Limited.