Get Ready for Tomorrow’s New Year.New World – Hong Kong Countdown Celebrations

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Get Ready for Tomorrow’s New Year.New World – Hong Kong Countdown Celebrations

Be a part of the biggest countdown event ever in Hong Kong - the New Year.New World - Hong Kong Countdown Celebrations - and cheer the arrival of 2014 with the crowd tomorrow evening (31 December)!

With support from New World Development Company Limited ("NWD", "the Group"; Stock Code: 17.HK), the event's title sponsor for two years in a row, the Hong Kong Tourism Board ("HKTB") has added exciting new elements to this year's countdown - now in its seventh staging - to ensure the show is the biggest ever. It is also sharing live satellite feed of the entire pyrotechnic musical with major global television stations, so that viewers from around the world can witness the spectacle, generating huge publicity for Hong Kong as Asia's World City and one of the best cities in the world for ushering in the New Year.

Below are six highlights of this year's countdown celebrations:

  • First-time use of fireworks: In addition to the usual pyrotechnics, special lighting and music, fireworks will be used in the show for the first time to enhance the visual impact of the event.
  • Largest scale in the event's history: Compared to previous editions, this year's show will expand in three dimensions, with fireworks and pyrotechnics launched at various heights in a wider area.
  • All eyes on the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre: A huge LED screen has been set up next to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, which is the focal point of the pyrotechnic musical, to display the numerals "2014" once the New Year arrives, with pyrotechnics being launched from the roofs of seven buildings in Wan Chai and Admiralty.
  • A shore-to-shore show: Six layers of pyrotechnics will be launched, extending from Tsim Sha Tsui towards the sky and the other side of the harbour, creating a pyrotechnic bridge.
  • Festive firework elements: To enhance the festive atmosphere, fireworks in the shapes of hearts and smileys will be launched.
  • An awe-inspiring, immersive experience: Pyrotechnics will be launched close to the harbourfront in Tsim Sha Tsui to immerse spectators in the stunning show.


The HKTB welcomes visitors and local residents of Hong Kong to join the countdown celebrations. Good vantage points for enjoying the show include the Tsim Sha Tsui harbourfront between the Avenue of Stars and the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, and on Hong Kong side, the New Central Harbourfront, Central Piers No. 9 and 10, and Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai. In addition, the LED screen atop K11, an art mall in Tsim Sha Tsui under NWD, will display a 60-second countdown from 11:59pm. The countdown celebrations will also be broadcast live on TVB's Jade channel.

Fans of photography are encouraged to capture the beautiful moments of the pyrotechnic musical and enter the New Year.New World - Hong Kong Countdown Celebrations Photo and Short Film Competition organised by NWD, which has three categories: Open Category - Photo, Mobile Category - Photo and Mobile Category - Short Film.

About New World Development Company Limited

New World Development Company Limited (“The Group”; Stock Code: 17.HK) is a leading conglomerate based in Hong Kong. The Group was founded in 1970 and publicly listed in Hong Kong in 1972. It is a constituent stock of the Hang Seng Index with a total asset value of HK$332.2 billion as at 30 June 2013.

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