Sustainability Policy

New World Group strives to incorporate sustainable growth into our business operations. In January 2012, the management issued the Sustainability Policy and various policies and guidelines have been established to enable the Group to attain sustainable growth.


Our Belief

In order to achieve long-term sustainable growth, New World Group is committed to minimizing the potential environmental impacts and improving the quality of the communities where we operate while providing a reasonable return to our investors at the same time.

We strive to 

  • exceed statutory requirements in relation to sustainability issues
  • engage our stakeholders and develop mutual communication on our sustainability performances
  • minimize the potential environmental impacts of our projects as far as practicable
  • enhance the quality of life for the communities where we operate
  • provide a safe working environment for our employees and inspire them to grow with the Group
  • influence our supply chain to share our belief with regard to corporate sustainability; and 
  • continuously improve our sustainability performance through monitoring and reporting