Promoting Environmental Conservation

Written by karenlau On the

The Green Book

The Group is devoted to heightening the public’s environmental awareness and to this end, The Green Book, which is packed with information on the global green movement to stimulate readers’ curiosity to learn about environmental protection, was published. The Green Book boasts over 100 pages of the latest information on topics such as food, architecture, transportation, design, eco-tourism, and nature conservation to encourage more people to jump on the green bandwagon. 

Thanks to information technology, an iPhone app and an internet edition of the book are also available for free downloading and viewing. The Green Book is also available in public libraries in Hong Kong.

Make it Green Competition

New World Group and Greeners Action co-organised the Make it Green! Product Design Competition.  Aiming at changing peoples' wasteful habits, participants were expected to create novel and practical green products for the competition. They were encouraged to think green when choosing materials, such as using recyclable materials and considering their life cycle and extraction process. The competition comprised three categories, namely the Junior High School Category, the Senior High School Category and the Open Category. Champion teams were invited to a Green Tour in Taiwan. About 200 submissions were received with astonishing ideas from the green advocates who are bold in transforming their creative ideas into action.

The Taiwan green tour featured over ten activities in Taipei and Taichung, including Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan, R.O.C. and the green group called Tzu Chi for sharing, a garbage collection point for observing Taiwan household participation in garbage handling, Pei-Tou Refuse Incineration Plant and a factory of E&E Recycling for recycling waste household electric appliances for visits, as well as Yu Le Garden run by Taichung government and a food waste centre held by Tzu Chi in Taichung for experiencing food waste handling. New World Group hopes the green culture in Taiwan can deepen students' understanding of green promotion and encourage them to bring a positive influence to their family and friends.