Knowledge Enhancement Green Visits

Written by karenlau On the

Visit to Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP)

A showcase of cost-effective energy-saving measures and commitment to promoting green concepts among corporations, HKSTP – Phase 3 has incorporated various green technologies and sustainable building designs into its project. The development is awarded the Grand Award in the New Buildings – Completed Buildings category at the Green Building Awards 2014.

Visit to Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA)

The Group Sustainability Task Force visited the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) in March 2013.  HKIA has committed to be the World’s Greenest Airport and members were impressed by their extensive use of electric vehicles and the waste management practices as well as their influences on their tenants to improve environmental performances at the airport.

Management's Dongjiang River Field Trip

Gary Chen, Executive Director and Joint General Manager led a delegation of management staff from group companies on a field trip along the Dongjiang River in Guangdong Province in April 2012. The delegation was guided by Professor K C Ho, Dean of the School of Science and Technology of the Open University of Hong Kong, officials from Water Resources Department of Guangdong Province and the Heyuan Municipal People's Government to visit major water supply infrastructures and observe the water quality of the Dongjiang River to enhance management staff’s knowledge on water conservation and the paramount importance of environmental protection.

Green Roofs and Vertical Greening Visit at The University of Hong Kong

A trip led by Professor C Y Jim of The University of Hong Kong to visit his research work on green roofs and vertical greening was organised to investigate the possibilities of factoring green features in the Group’s property development.