Talent Management Is Our Core Strategy

Adrian Cheng, Executive Vice-chairman and Joint General Manager

New World Group believes that training is meaningful only when it supports corporate development. We believe that training benefits the development of both employees and the company. Thus, our training and talent development system is strongly motivated by and fully integrated with our corporate development direction.

Talent Management is our Core Strategy

Steered by new management, New World Group strives to be the market leader and provide new living experiences to community through quality products and services. Believing that quality staff is key to the success of a company, talent management is our core strategy to support business growth. We adopt a vigorous process to identify and acquire the right people. We also devote substantial resources in grooming, engaging and retaining talents in a sophisticated and strategic manner.

Uniting our Talents

Underpinning the success of New World Group lies its core values “UNITI”, which stands for You (all stakeholder including employees), New World, Innovation, Trust and Improvement. UNITI also forms the pillars of our talent management strategy, which aligns staff training with corporate development.

Holistic Talent Management

We adopt a sophisticated talent management system that transcends training. In addition to providing tailor-made training and development opportunities, the visionary New World University adds values to the company and to staff’s personal development. Initiatives to foster a self-improving and caring corporate culture and retain talents also form part of our talent management system.