Leading and Learning for Top Executives

Gary Chen, Executive Director and Joint General Manager

New World Group strives to foster a learning culture, not only because we treat staff development as one of our priorities, but also because of the need to we secure our competitive edge in a fast-changing business environment.

Learning Starts from the Top

All senior executives of the Group are invited to share their knowledge, experience and expertise in sessions which are open to all staff members. The scheme not only allows staff to learn from the C-suite, it also offers speakers the opportunity to self-reflect and exchange thoughts with participating staff.

Annual Group Management Forum

Each year, the Annual Group Management Forum gathers over 400 senior executives from different companies of the New World Group. Renowned speakers and business gurus are invited to share their wisdom and experience while members attending participate through discussions and exercises. The Forum is pivotal to our corporate strategy execution where attending senior executives cascade corporate development directions and knowledge acquired from the forum to members of their respective companies and teams.

Collaboration with Industry Leaders

We are eager to learn from our business partners and friends. We encourage and support our staff to reach out to the world to keep themselves informed of new products and services and the ever-evolving business environment and community concerns. The Group invites leaders from various industries to participate in best-practice exchange activities such as company visits, seminars and meetings where insights on topics such as corporate development, quality management, staff engagement and talent development are shared.