Building our New World in UNITI

Dorothy Lam, Manager – Project Coordination, New World China Land Limited

Why would a young lady who was raised in Hong Kong and educated overseas travel all the way to North-eastern China where the winter can be as cold as minus 30 degree Celsius (°C) for work? The quest for challenges was what pulled me away from my comfort zone and brought me to Shenyang and Anshan where I have stayed for almost four years.

While nobody can achieve all on his/her own, collaboration and mutual support are indispensable elements of success in the New World family. Whether it is a gap or diversity? Conflict or harmony? A change in perspective can garner a huge difference. Analysing matters from different angles, observing the market's behaviours, encouraging creative voices, evaluating previous work, forecasting the upcoming market environment and cherishing teamwork: all these are practices I strongly believe in and these also align with our corporate values - UNITI.

I also believe in the importance of life-long learning and therefore I grabbed the precious opportunity of joining the 2012 Accelerating Management Talent Programme, in the aim of meeting scholars as well as elites from various industries and backgrounds. This programme has enabled me to explore further the management philosophies and to understand the operations and cultures of the market leaders from other industries. These elements have triggered the synergies to inspire myself and my team for more creative ideas in the workplace. Finding a job you love is not easy, I am fortunate enough to be in one –  a job that allows me to contribute to my life through the platform of New World and to build a better New World together with my fellow colleagues in unity.